Gynaecology surgeries

Our gynaecology practice offers a great range of diagnoses and treatments according to the needs of each woman.

We perform periodic check-ups when women request a service for prevention, and a complete gynaecological check-up is carried out, including an abdominal and/or vaginal echography and all other necessary tests. A Papanicolau test or cytology is usually performed (test to prevent gynaecological cancer). We also perform STD (Sexually Transmitted Disease) diagnoses and treatments and evaluate fertility issues both in women and their partner.

We can provide advice and recommendations individually or to couples, regarding any kind of contraceptives, and we can provide prescriptions or apply the method you have chosen.

Most frequently used contraceptives

  • For Her

    • Pill
    • Patches
    • Vaginal ring
    • Sub-dermal implants

    IUD + Hormones. (Mirena® and Jaydess®)
    Tubal ligation
  • For Him


We also perform consultation to diagnose and treat breast conditions.

Numerous breast surgery outpatient operations are performed at our centre (those involving admission and release within 24 hours), such as FNA (fine-needle aspiration), removal of breast tumours, biopsies, cysts, fibromas, and aesthetic correction.