How abortion works in Spain.

Pregnancy termination. How abortion works in Spain.

Abortions are legal in Spain (pursuant to Organic Act 2/2010, dated 3rd March, on sexual and reproductive health and voluntary termination of pregnancy) Pregnancy can be terminated within the first fourteen weeks of gestation at the request of the pregnant woman. After the initial 14 weeks, it may only be performed for medical reasons including fetal anomalies, when necessary to protect the woman’s life or health, etc. with different terms.

Induced abortion is a procedure to terminate an unintended pregnancy. It must be performed by specialised medical professionals or under their direction, using an adequate technique and following healthcare quality criteria. Induced abortion techniques shall vary in function, fundamentally depending on the weeks of gestation and according to the wishes of the patients and the recommendations of the professionals who perform them.

Surgical Abortion:

  • Vacuum aspiration:
    • Up to 18 weeks of gestation.
    • Consists of inserting a suction tube and performing vacuum aspiration.
    • It may be performed with a painkiller plus local anaesthetic, with sedation and/or general anaesthesia, depending on the weeks of gestation and what the woman prefers. A team of professionals will evaluate your case and you may decide with their help.
    • The stay at the clinic is approximately 2 to 6 hours.
  • Dilation and evacuation (D&E):
    • Usually after 18 weeks.
    • Consists of evacuating the womb using specific surgical instruments.
    • Is always performed with general anaesthesia.
    • The stay in the clinic is more than 6 hours.

Early Medical Abortion:

  • Up to 7 weeks of gestation.
  • This consists of taking two types of medication.
  • It requires two administrations two days apart, to allow evacuation without surgery.
  • At least 2 visits to the clinic are required.
  • It may feel like an abundant, painful period.

Late medical abortion:

  • It may be used at any time during pregnancy, but we recommend this technique after 18 weeks.
  • Consists of administering a combination of drugs, along with osmotic dilators in some cases, to produce uterine contractions and cervical dilation, and therefore to provoke abortion. This technique can be concluded by dilation and evacuation.
  • Intravenous painkiller is used, along with epidural anaesthesia and general anaesthesia, as appropriate.

Multifetal Pregnancy Reduction (embryo reduction) and Selective Termination:

Multifetal pregnancy reduction manages to eliminate one or several embryos to palliate some problems associated with multiple pregnancies.

Selective termination is performed in multiple pregnancies when one of the fetuses has abnormalities, allowing subsequent normal development of the healthy fetus.

Anaesthetics and Painkillers:

All our medical procedures may be performed with anaesthetics and painkillers. Our team of professionals seeks to achieve a high standard of comfort in the process. Avoiding fear, anxiety, and pain are among our aims.